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Rupert Goes
Jun 302011

Back in 2005 I used to tell stories to my daughter about a magical character called Rupert The Fridge who lived in a tall tree with his many friends. One of these stories was called Rupert Goes Shopping. This was her favourite, and she used to ask me to tell it all the time. From this story came the name of my first project, the ambient chilled electronica band Rupert Goes Shopping.

As I started more projects with different genres, styles, and purposes, I kept the Rupert Goes theme going. My covers band is called Rupert Goes Shoplifting for example. As these projects started to grow, and releases started being made on iTunes (and other places), it was pointed out that I needed a home for all these projects to live. Being of a programming background, a modular approach appealed, and so I set up this site.

All of the different bands and side projects will be found here as Rupert Goes [Something].

Jun 302011

So far there have been three releases (two singles and an album). All releases can be found in iTunes and the Amazon music store as well as pretty much any where else that you can buy music digitally.

Autumn Daemons by Rupert Goes Shopping Autumn Daemon (Rupert Goes Shopping)

Rupert Goes Shopping’s first album is a chilled ambient electronic album. It has been likened to early CafĂ© del Mar in its sound and production.

Autumn Daemons - Rupert Goes Shopping



Weathermen 2.0 by Rupert Goes Shopping Weathermen 2.0 (Rupert Goes Shopping)

In a collaboration with Sydney outfit AM Frequencies, Weathermen 2.0 is an example of a much heavier styled Rupert.

Weathermen 2.0 - Single - Rupert Goes Shopping & A.M. Frequencies



Dicing With Chances by Rupert Goes Shopping Dicing With Chances (Rupert Goes Shopping)

Written as the intro to a podcast, Dicing with Chances is a typical Rupert Goes Shopping track – heavy on the pianos and disco style drums.

Dicing With Chances - Single - Rupert Goes Shopping