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Rupert Goes Shopping
Jul 072011

Due to popular demand we have added the album Autumn Daemons to the Amazon CD on demand service. This means that for those of you who don’t have an iTunes account or prefer to have a physical copy of an album, you are now able to purchase one from Amazon using their tried and trusted methods of payment and delivery.

Amazon CD on demand service is a way for artists to offer physical copies of the their music without needing to maintain levels of stock or handle payments and shipping.

You can purchase the physical album Autumn Daemons on Amazon here.

You can also listen to the album here, and buy it on Autumn Daemons - Rupert Goes Shopping

May 222011

Wethermen 2.0 Heavy Guitar Combinator for Propellerhead's RecordA few people have asked me how I put together the heavy guitar tone in our single Weathermen 2.0, so I thought I’d put up a demonstration of how, plus put up the combinator too for Propellerhead’s Record so you can start using it straight away. Getting a good rich guitar sound in Propellerhead Record is really straightforward out of the box. Having said that, I have added their Pod Studio UX2 to my setup and that makes things a lot easier. For the sake of this tutorial however, you don’t need to have anything other than a way of getting a guitar wav file into Record. Continue reading »

May 122011

Rupert Goes Shopping Autumn Daemons Album CoverIt is with great pride that I can announce the first Rupert Goes Shopping album is released. Autumn Daemons is a chilled ambient electronica album. A lot of people are surprised by that as I play a lot of guitar (and most of its pretty heavy). This album was written and recorded at a time when I couldn’t play guitar, so it’s a very different genre to what I normally listen to or write.

The journey to this point has been surprisingly long when I reflect on it. The oldest song on this album is Whisper, started in Sydney Australia in October 2004 and worked on in Vancouver Canada, Mt Pisgah NC USA and Copenhagen Denmark. Then I settled down and wrote the rest of the album between 2005 and 2009 in a small Sydney flat above the 7/11 in St Leonards. This album will always be a strong reminder of those days and the people who were such an important part of my life during that time.

What does the name mean?

More than a few people have asked why the name Autumn Daemons. One friend who works in marketing even suggested that it was the worst possible name I could choose to describe the music, that everyone would think it was a metal album or something. While that’s true, the album has been called Autumn Daemons for so long now, it didn’t feel right to change the name just at the end of the process.

If you think of Autumn as being the end of a cycle and Daemons as something that you have struggled with, or been overwhelmed by, you will come close to the intention of the title. This album marks the end of a cycle. The songs on it are from a particular chapter of my life and writing style.


If you are interested in purchasing the album (or individual tracks) they are available in the following places:


RupertG – All compositions, mixing and mastering

Cover Painting – Kent Marcus (http://kentmarcus.com)

The Thank You’s

Remember the good old days when you would open up a CD cover and read the thank you’s that the band members would write? Well, I thought I’d do a modern version of that and thank people on the release blog post.

There have been many, many, many people who have supported me throughout the years in getting to a point where I am comfortable with releasing something officially. These are but some of them…

JR Raith – dude, you told me you liked my music early on, and without that encouragement I don’t think I would have stuck at it. You kept me sane at a very insane part of my life and I hope you appreciate just how important you were to my getting through it all. Also, a HUGE thanks for introducing me to VNV Nation, Assemblage 23 and Dead Can Dance, they were all hugely influential in shaping my approach to writing.

Paul Howse – it’s rare gift for a musician to have someone near them able to say “Nah, that’s shit dude…”. You’ve kept me persisting at getting a song ‘right’ and not just settling.

Nathan Holland – you have been my quiet producer for years, and without your support I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to put something out there. Your advice, praise and criticisms over the years have been invaluable.

Kent & Ally Lock – thanks for being my first ‘fans’. Having people excited whenever I finished something new meant more to me than I ever really let on. Also, Kent, the painting shaped the sound of the songs I wrote during this era, and gave them, collectively, a name. I know it’s a misinterpretation of what you were intending, but it was important to me.

Andrew Mortensen – thanks for letting me know I could be ‘metal’ and also write music with piano and strings. Also, it has been my great privelege to work on remixes for the Fleisch project and our collaborations ButterKnifeNinja and DöD.

Natasha – you allowed me to believe that I wasn’t just a hack and provided a lot of support at a very strange time in my life…

Famous – you were a big part of my time living in St Leonards (we were neighbours after all) and as such had a significant impact on the end result. Your friendship and support during that time was invaluable and shall never be forgotten.

Trent Hansen – without your early involvement and support in the early years, none of this would have happened – dude, I’ll make it up to you someday…

Trent Chapman – if you hadn’t uttered that important admonishment in the Oaks late one Friday night “Dude, you only write happy techno music! There’s two things wrong with that – you don’t like techno and you’re not happy!” I wouldn’t have found my own voice. It was a crucial step to go through. That night, after getting home, I wrote the first part of Whisper, track 8 on this album…

My daughter Gabrielle – Thank you for giving me the name for the band :)

Tamsin – you have always believed in me and been my biggest fan. Thank you for making me happy and unable to write music anymore ;)

Apr 142011

Rupert Goes Shopping & AM Frequencies - Weathermen 2.0 Single CoverRecently I was asked to do a remix of a song for the band AM Frequencies. The idea was that I would do the mix in the style of another band that we both work with and that it would go on their first album. The moment I started sifting through the files I was inspired. As I was laying the tracks out in order of the sections of the original song I was immediately struck by the final section of the song. What followed was a furious 30-40 minutes where I completely rewrote the song around the final 8 bars of the original. While the song didn’t turn out the way it was initially intended to, I am very pleased with the final result.

You can buy the song on iTunes and in the Amazon Music Store.

You can listen to the original AM Frequencies album here.

Feb 052011

Recently I was approached by a blog to write the theme to their podcast. This was the first time I had been tasked with writing to a specific time limit with the need for a long fade out, which was an interesting challenge. After I finished it, the theme got stuck in my head and one night I decided to finish the song off. This is the final result. You can buy the single on the iTunes store, and it is currently being processed to appear in the Amazon store as well.

Dec 162008

(Purchase on iTunes)

If we are just animals
How can we do wrong?
How can we be evil?
Why do we need the devil?
Why do we need god?

I wrote this late one night after a long walk. It occurred to me that if we are, as some believe, just animals, then we only obey our instincts.

It must therefore be the instincts that we deny ourselves that make us human…

This song is, in my opinion (and others disagree) probably the best I have ever written, with the possible exception of Autumn Daemons. The song makes a point and does it strongly. It has a great sound. All in all, I think this is the flagship RGS song, which is why its the first song I posted on the new RGS site.