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Getting a rich heavy guitar sound in Propellerhead’s Record » Rupert Goes Shopping
May 222011

Wethermen 2.0 Heavy Guitar Combinator for Propellerhead's RecordA few people have asked me how I put together the heavy guitar tone in our single Weathermen 2.0, so I thought I’d put up a demonstration of how, plus put up the combinator too for Propellerhead’s Record so you can start using it straight away. Getting a good rich guitar sound in Propellerhead Record is really straightforward out of the box. Having said that, I have added their Pod Studio UX2 to my setup and that makes things a lot easier. For the sake of this tutorial however, you don’t need to have anything other than a way of getting a guitar wav file into Record.

To get a big rich heavy guitar sound in Record, the first thing I do is compress the incoming signal. This evens out the tone and gives you good sustain. Next, it’s straight into a Line 6 Guitar Amp. For the Weathermen 2.0 single I used the 2002 Angel P-Ball amp which is part of the Metal Shop expansion for Line 6′s Pod series. The cabinet I use is the 4×12 2001 Line 6, which is a pretty good all round heavy cabinet setting. If you haven’t purchased that expansion, the 2001 Treadplate will do the job too (and comes standard with Record 1.5, so you already have it). For the settings on the amp, I use:

  • Drive: 99
  • Bass: 64
  • Mid: 45
  • Treble: 91
  • Presence: 69
  • Volume: 96

Next step is to route the signal to the line mixer. On the line mixer I have an aux reverb (preset to the Guitar Room) which I sometimes use. You don’t have to. It’s probably advisable to use one of the main reverbs from the desk so the guitar blends in. From the line mixer I hook the signal up through a compressor on the way out to fatten the sound. The whole thing should look a bit like this when you’re done:

Wethermen 2.0 Heavy Guitar Combinator for Propellerhead's Record

Don’t worry about the Spider Audio Splitter in the screen shot. I put one in my default guitar combinator setup in case I want to route extra effects or amps. For the purposes of this tutorial, you can ignore it.

The one other thing that you must ALWAYS do to get a good heavy rhythm sound is double the tracks. The trick then is to tweak the settings ever so slightly (usually presence and treble) to make the differences in takes just subtly different.

If you want to hear what the end result sounds like I’ve included the guitar tracks solo’d out. I’ve also included both the 2002 Angel P-Ball and the 2001 Treadplate samples in case you don’t have the appropriate expansion packs. If you want to listen to the original track that these samples come from, click here: Weathermen 2.0 Single.

And here is the combinator: Weathermen-Heavy-Guitar.cmb.

And if you want to hear it in context, I’ve embedded the song here (the guitars kick in at 3:24):

You can buy Weathermen 2.0 on iTunes and Amazon.